Meet The AmeriCorps NCCC Southwest Region Team.

   Ten AmeriCorps's members arrived in Brazoria County at the
beginning of April this year. The team, ages ranging from 18-24,
collaborated with United Way of Brazoria County to rebuild Holiday Lakes
from the devastating June 2016 flood. "We've repaired a total of 6 homes
so far. We have gained so many skills in construction, disaster recovery,
youth development and food security since arriving in Brazoria County."
Said AmeriCorps's Team Leader, Hannah Bailey. This group of members
has done so much for the Holiday Lake's homes, and their volunteer
service doesn't stop there.
   This team, all from outside Texas, has put in service hours throughout our
county. They have helped out at the Br azor ia County Dr eam Center ,
Br azospor t Car es, and even the City of Danbur y following the April
2017 flood. Amer iCor ps worked on fifteen homes in the Danbury area,
and continue to put more hours into homes affected by flooding. "I would
say we have spent approximately 30-40 hours per week working on
homes throughout the round." Said Jessica Houston, Amer iCor ps
   United Way of Brazoria County deeply appreciates the work these ten
AmeriCorps members have put into our community. They have shown
such selflessness and have set a great example of what it means to be a
volunteer. "The team truly appreciates the hospitality and generosity that
the community has shown us. The work we are doing has been a very
humbling experience and the team will look back on it with fondness,"
said Hannah Bailey. This team's work at Holiday Lakes, as well as other
places, has pushed for a speedy restoration.
   We asked some members what they took away from this volunteer
experience, and they had great stories to share. Amer iCor ps member,
Julia Siminitus, shared, "I learned about interior and exterior home
repairs and construction techniques. This has allowed me to gain a greater
appreciation of the disaster relief and recovery process."
Many Amer iCor ps members were taught powerful lessons from working
with disaster situations. They saw how people were pushed out of their
homes and the overall devastation. "Besides my newly learned
construction skills, I have a whole new view of the devastating effects of a
flood and what it can do to a family." Stated Amer iCor ps's team
member, Jacob Costello.
   We are glad the members had a great learning experience while here in
Brazoria County. UWBC wishes them the best as they prepare to leave this
July. We have enjoyed partnering with them through their service. Every
one of these young adults has a bright future in the volunteer
Volunteers are the backbone of the United Way organization. 

If you are interested in volunteering with United Way of Brazoria County and our partners, please contact Andrea Raiff, araiff@uwbc.org, or call our office at 979.849.9402