Meet Brenda George

UWBC is excited and honored to announce Brenda George as the volunteer of the quarter. 

Brenda has gone above and beyond as a volunteer. She inspires and engages others to serve alongside her in our community. 

In the wake of the June flooding, our county was faced with great need as many of our neighbors tried to clear and pick up what was left of the place they once called home. Many people jumped at the opportunity to help, but among those volunteers there is one that truly stood out. 

Brenda first began engaging with UWBC when she invited our staff to prayer meetings following the flood. These meetings were designed to offer members of the community the opportunity to volunteer and donate to the long term recovery. 

Through these meetings Brenda, along with volunteering herself, set up volunteers to assist with the immense call flow at the UWBC office. Without the support of Brenda and other volunteers, we aren't sure how we would have reached all those that were effected. 

She did not stop there though. She is now the chair of the Brazoria County Long Term Recovery Committee- Case Management Team, where she has recruited over 20 individuals to help navigate clients, as we continue to help rebuild lives.


Volunteers are the backbone of the United Way organization. 

If you are interested in volunteering with United Way of Brazoria County and our partners, please visit to find the latest opportunities.