Community Listening

Community listening allows us to translate voice into action and better harness the collective impact power of people for relevant change. UWBC is vested deeply in our Community Listening Sessions, hoping to create opportunities for community wide dialogues. 

Why is United Way of Brazoria County listening? 

We want to listen to ACTION as people tell us what kind of change they want to see in their lives, their children's lives and the community in which we live and work.

The Power of Dialogue

Community Listening Sessions convene diverse people at the table; people participate more when they are asked by others they trust, breaking down the barriers and stereotypes between them.

In these sessions, we support people to "go deep," to share their hopes, dreams, fears, opinions, ideas, and values about life in the community they call HOME. We are not seeking solutions, but rather asking people to share experiences, raise questions and reflect on their lives and visions for the future.

UWBC Commitment

Ultimately, we believe that our relationships are at the center of a strong community. Listening to ACTION is how we get things done.

View the 2016 Community Listening Report and join the conversation.