2018 Campaign Awards

United Way of Brazoria County programs are supported through your investment in our community during workplace campaigns. 

Each year, a team of volunteers known as Employee Campaign Leaders (ECLs) join together at the UWBC office to learn more about our current impact and receive all the tools they need to inspire their friends and colleagues to join the fight for the health, education, and financial stability of all community members.

Every year, one ECL is named the Employee Campaign Leader of the Year for their outstanding efforts in driving increased engagement in their place of work. 

We are very happy to recognize Jorge Rubalcaba with The Dow Chemical Company as the Employee Campaign Leader of the Year for 2018. His work in organizing fresh and fun campaign fundraising activities for Dow employees has revitalized our partnerhsip for years to come. Thank you, Jorge. Job well done!

CLICK HERE to view the 2018 Campaign Awards photo album on Flickr.